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WPCP is...

Mind Altering Radio

WPCP is an online radio station featuring these original meta-narratives:

  • Life in the 11th Hour (see below)

  • Goodbye 12, Hello Love (Coming Summer 2019)

Life in the 11th Hour

A Meta-crime Podcast

Several replicas of the Statue of Liberty located throughout America have been stolen.


Is it a prank? A symbolic crime?

A scheme to gain infamy? Cyber sleuth Quinn Daniels is on the case.

But as Quinn tries to untangle the sordid facts, he discovers his own life might be unraveling. And Laura, the one person he's relying on to help him sort truth from lie, may be keeping a damaging secret of her own.

Featuring Laura Barati and Jeff Pinzino. Music by Boram Han. Recorded remotely by Bruce Dickert, Moose Tracks Studio.

Also available for download or streaming on iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify!

Check out all 7 episodes below:

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